About  the spinal therapy

What is the Japanese spinal therapy?

the Spinal therapy that I’m offering is based on “Kokkaku Body-make” (meaning: body structure make) which has been developed by two Japanese ladies, Mayumi Miki and Yoko Matsubara.


This therapy considers our physical body as 3D and in motion, not 2D even in stillness. 

so that means this therapy is not the same as chiropractic or physiotherapy.

We do not give you the therapy on the bed or floor because it can make your spine flat.

Our therapy is based on the functional anatomy + Physical science so that we can take care of our body in motion under the gravity.


What is the “primary curvature"?

Do you know about the “primary curvature” and “secondary curvature”?

The Primary curvature is what we have got when we were just born. - the kyphosis of head, Thoracic, hips, and heels. the primary curvature is formed by skeleton.

and the Secondary curvature is what we have got after we start to walk with two legs.-the extension of neck, lumbar, behind of  the knee. the secondary curvature is formed by muscle, not by skeleton.

the “kyphosis” and “extension” help to keep our body balanced under the gravity.

But most of us have lost the proper curvature with the modern life, so that causes the straight back, forward head posture etc.

we all need the proper curvature, then we can move our physical body freely under the gravity.

“ The straight line belongs to Man. The curved line belongs to God….
There are no straight lines or sharp corners in nature. Therefore, buildings must have no straight lines or sharp corners."

— Antoni Gaudi 

the kyphosis of the Thoracic and  the slouching look similar but are  totally different.

-many people think the thoracic should be in extension or straight so that you do not look like slouching. but kyphosis of the thoracic is the natural position of the skeleton structure.

the natural back position is CERVICAL-EXTENTION, THORACIC-KYPHOSIS, LUMBAR-EXTENSION, SACRUM-KYPHOSIS and IT SHOULD BE FLEXIBLE. Thoracic is formed by skeleton, extension is formed by muscle.


people who are slouching don’t have  spinal flexibility. the upper back may be in kyphosis, but it is stiffened. 


for example ,  people who have  proper spinal condition can do  deep back bending and they get benefit from it. If not, it can reduce the primary curvature and can have a risk of injury.

Therefore, it is very important to have the proper spinal position & flexibility before you try the intense physical exercise.

the method of “Kokkaku Body-Make” recommends avoid the intense physical workout unless you get back the proper spinal position & condition.

the expected effects from our therapy.

reduce the discomfort of the physical body

improve the natural respiration

improve the quality of the sleep

improve the postual position and body line

improve the physical movements


Japanese spinal therapy is NOT A MEDICAL PRACTICE.

We wish to give you tools to enhance the quality of life.

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